Year: 2018

Design is doing good together, says Alessandro Guerriero

30 breads made by designers and chefs. In dough, but also in ceramics, to be given away in a lottery during a Gala Dinner to provide funds to Pane Quotidiano, a non profit organization that for 120 years has been feeding those in need. And 10 tales, by famous authors. With Buoni come il pane, a Triennale exhibition, Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandra Zucchi show how to design solidarity. can be designed.

Joanna Laajisto: «As interior designer I slow down the pace of everyday life»

In the era of social media, design often made of visual tricks and is consumed fast. This leads to nothing, according to Finnish interior designer Joanna Laajisto. Who considers interior design a tool to create «places where people can feel good and slow down the fast pace of life». LEGGI joanna laajisto interior designer IN ITALIANO Download here the PDF of the article published on DCasa, la Repubblica (Italian only) Finnish interior designer Joanna Laajisto has a girlish face, and a spontaneous look and smile. One wonders how it is possible that such a young woman (she is 41 years old) can sign interiors full of such mature elegance. There is no style error, nor a naïve concession to current trends. nor – worse – any Instagram-induced designer trick (the contrasts of marked colors or the corners with hyperbolic geometries: the ones that go viral on social media). Everything in the world of Joanna Laajisto, breathes out balance, moderation, thoughtful choices. Joanna Laajisto interior designer Passion for sport and design

 Joanna Laajisto has just won …

Coop_70 at the Triennale and the value of “us” (in the “me” era)

In a time when many, too many, play to divide the world into factions, we desperately need narratives that make us rediscover the sense and joy of doing things together. Like the one suggested by Coop_70: Values in Box at the Triennale in Milan. An optimistic exhibition. LEGGI QUESTO ARTICOLO IN ITALIANO At the opening di Coop_70: Valori in Scatola (at the Triennale, til January 13th) everyone was very busy. There were people discussing which of the slogans (taken from “the street” and from the brand) was more worth being used in a selfie. Kids running amongst apple trees, trying to collect them, or playing with toy hens and eggs. There was a queue to look into the movies periscopes. And also in front of the photomaton, that allowed people to take a picture with a friend and see their faces into a Coop logo. Everyone was laughing. There were, of course, also many who were reading the manifestos, studying the history of products in the multimedia station. And generally enjoying a history that mirrored …

How much is a dream view worth? Marco Tabasso on Anotherview

Can you fall in love with a landscape? And how much would you be ready to spend for it? Marco Tabasso, one of the founders of Anotherview and former talent scout of Rossana Orlandi, tells about his digital windows that tell a 24 hours story of special places, why collectors are crazy about them and why design galleries should change radically. Also giving advice to young designers …