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The challenges of urban rigeneration

An article written by Maurizio Cilli on Che Fare

Architect and artist Maurizio Cilli, has written on Che Fare about the challenges of urban rigeneration practises. According to Cilli, this type of initiatives are experiecing an interesting transition phase after the failure of many renaissance models that were only apparently socially focused while in reality only leveraging to gain real estate value  through gentrification (Cilli is openly against Richard Florida, read an interview about his latest book here).
At the moment, most urban rigeneration practises depend on the sponateous initiative of cultural operators, associations, curators and small groups of researchers who test their projects in difficult contexts with open, experimental approaches in which they attempt to favour a gradual citizen emancipation. The duration – and, consequently, the inheritant value – of such experiences depends on the care that is put on the listening phase to produce a real sharing of contents and objectives. This is the phase in which, according to Cilli, all exercises of urban rigeneration should focus in the near future.

Read the whole article, published on Che Fare here

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