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Design is doing good together, says Alessandro Guerriero

30 breads made by designers and chefs. In dough, but also in ceramics, to be given away in a lottery during a Gala Dinner to provide funds to Pane Quotidiano, a non profit organization that for 120 years has been feeding those in need. And 10 tales, by famous authors. With Buoni come il pane, a Triennale exhibition, Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandra Zucchi show how to design solidarity. can be designed.


«I have simply called a few people, friends, professionals whose work I appreciate», says Alessandro Guerriero. at the press presentation of the exhibition Buoni Come il Pane (“as good as bread”, at the Triennale in Milan untill January 13th). Guerriero has come up with the idea to celebrate the 120 years of Pane Quotidiano, the non profit organization that every day feeds those in needs in Milan.

The beauty of frailty, an interview with Alessandro Guerriero. READ HERE

And, of course, to contribute to its financing thanks to a Gala Dinner for 270 people, with entry to free offer over the entrance ticket to 200 euros. While the sculptures of the authors on show were assigned with a lottery. «We had a full house. And people were definitely generous with donations», says Guerriero, walking among the silhouettes of the artists and chefs involved who hold the loaves. and among the display cases that show the texts written by hand by the authors.

Creating together

When one is good and decides to use his skill to do good, things like this show happen. Which is a bit of a miracle since, despite its simplicity, it has managed to raise important fundings. for a non-profit organization that welcomes anyone knocking on its doorstep. And it is in the nature of Alessandro Guerriero to call people around to create something together. Freely, but thinking of a common good.

Disrupt the common way of thinking

Whether it’s students, great designers and artists, children with disabilities, convicts, individuals with relationship or psychological issues, Guerriero never draws back. if it comes to overturning common thinking and helping others.

He has been doing it for years with  TamTam, the “extreme” school: with no fixed classrooms, with excellent professors who teach anyone, for free. And with the  Fondazione Sacra Famiglia, the Cooperativa del Granserraglio (in prisons), with the students of the schools that he contributed to found (Domus Academy in 1987 and Futurarium in Ravenna in 1995), or Naba where he has for a long time been the Head.

Good as the Bread is an exhibition that is good for those who visit, giving optimism and desire to get involved. And it shows how design can be transformed into an act of resistance in a historical moment in which everything drives towards division, indifference and individualism. «The world changes in small steps», says Alessandro Guerriero. «And together, because it is always better».

Buoni come il pane, Triennale di Milano, until 13 gennaio. For a list of all people involved,  READ HERE

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