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When a coffee jar explains what design is about

A jar for ground coffee by Sovrappensiero for Bialetti showcases the added value of design. Which fits gracefully into the already existing daily rituals and renews them without transforming them. bialetti moka design

bialetti moka design LEGGI IN ITALIANO

The ground coffee plastic container for Bialetti, designed by Milan duo Sovrappensiero, is a manifesto of the difficulty of talking about design today, in the era of distracted consumers and of algorithms that generate virality for aesthetically roaring images. bialetti moka design

In fact, dozens of press releases arrive every hour but I read for the first time by chance about the qualities of this jar on Facebook. thanks to a post by a designer friend. bialetti moka design

When you think about it, it’s obvious

How many chances does a jar like this – made of plastic, similar to what we already have at home, of low price.– to position itself as a “design” product? And to go viral? Very few. And it is a very sad consideration, since in spite of the fact that people often mention the word “design”, its true meaning often escapes most. There is simply not much room or time to talk about objects that are not just consumer with the eyes, but also require to be explained. bialetti moka design

The immediate sense of design

And this is a pity. Because the tin for ground coffee by Sovrappensiero for Bialetti is one of those objects that explain in a simple and immediate way the added value of design. First of all because it solves a small, trivial “problem”: the annoyance of ground coffee. that ends up a bit everywhere on the work surface when we fill up the funnel. bialetti moka

In fact, you just need to turn the cap to find a support on which to place the funnel of the coffee maker during the decanting operations: each grain of coffee that will fall will end up on the plastic disk and then, after that it will be put back into place, inside the container.

The other “problem” that the jar solves is that of the calculation of the doses. In fact, the teaspoon is a metal dispenser, for a 1, 3 and 6 cups moka. And you still have the lid thanks to the hook handle. bialetti moka design

No nostalgia, but plenty of kindness

The added value of design is the ability to renew a known context (the ritual of coffee preparation) and to do it in a subtle way, carefully avoiding distorting it. It is good design to renounce aesthetic hyperboles in the name of a respect for tradition that has nothing nostalgic but is simply born of grace. And it is design intelligence that manages to enrich an experience for everyone without substantially affecting the costs of business development and therefore the final price to the consumer. bialetti moka design

Projects like this by Sovrappensiero will not change the fate of the world. However, products like this are used to really spread the meaning of the word design. And it would be nice and useful to talk ahout them, beyond the like on the photo on social media.


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