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Learning how to listen is a matter of social and a political urgency. And here is why

We all think we know how to listen. Yet we do it less and less. We cling to our positions. And (best case scenario) wait for the other to talk only to prove him wrong. But as politicians use this tendancy to gather political consensus (and oppose the creation of a collective intelligence), the lack of qualitative listening becomes a huge danger for society. One that a culture of active listening could counteract. If each of us – all included – did some honest self-analysis.

Studying maths is a human right

Beloved or hated, maths is the subject with which everyone has to “deal” because it allows you to read social behavior behind the myriad of data that the network collects every day. Understanding it (especially in its potential dark sides, see box with an interview with Cathy O’Neil) is not a nerd thing but a necessity also for those involved in politics, human rights, climate change, ecology.