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«Why technology needs ethics». In conversation with Luciano Floridi

«The more full of tech the world is, the more it craves for ethics. Because what matters is not figuring out whether or not we must be afraid of robots, but how to manage digital society in a coordinated manner». A conversation with philosopher Luciano Floridi, director of the Digital Ethics Lab at the University of Oxford. Who in ’95 already warned: «The Internet promotes the growth of knowledge while creating forms of unprecedented ignorance».

Evgeny Morozov: «Big Data should be common good. And here is why»

«We think Big Techs want our clicks because they want to flock us with ads. But what they are after is the huge amount of data that is necessary to build AI services». Self-driving cars, systems to manage energy consumption, testing devices to defeat illnesses… According to activist Evgeny Morozov data is like oil: they provide private companies with immense power over States. Reason for which, they should be a “common good”.

MEET in Milan: a new digital humanism

At MEET, the first digital culture international center in Milan, tones are similar to those of a humanities faculty than of a start up. Because the purpose is to design a new digital humanism. Renaissance labs, Leonardo thinking, projects at man’s measure. At the presentation of the first international center for digital culture MEET in Milan, a creature developed by Meet The Media Guru and Fondazione Cariplo, there were talks that were more suited for a humanities faculty than for a start up. But those who think that philosophy, ethics, design, art or politics have nothing to do with the digital world have not understood it. They have an old view on it. They feed a consumer’s perspective rather than a citizen’s one. They are users and will never be co-creators. «Digital is not just technologies, communications or artificial intelligence», saidMaria Grazia Mattei, the creator of the events and debates platformMeet The Media Guru now also director of  the MEET. «Digital is the dna of contemporary culture». A dna that can be genetically modified, an …