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Are we all more selfish?

Mocked and discredited, accused of being a “champagne socialist” attitude”, altruism is increasingly lacking in society. We have become more selfish. Narcisist, open to political messages that focus on the individual (or the tribe) rather than on the community. But re-learning to think of the others is possible. And it is urgent we do so. Because it’s only by working together that we will be able to face today’s global challenges Leggi Are We All More Selfish? in ITALIANO Red eyes and a ghostly look, the train conductor wanders among the wagons waiting for the police. We are a few miles from Milan and he has just run over a 16 years old boy who challenged fate by fooling around on the tracks. The train driver exited his cabin, saw the boy. What happened is not his fault but it’s difficult not to feel lost when you have just killed someone. The last thing this poor man needs is the anger of the passengers. Yet here it comes: «When do we leave? We’ve been here …

Learning how to listen is a matter of social and a political urgency. And here is why

We all think we know how to listen. Yet we do it less and less. We cling to our positions. And (best case scenario) wait for the other to talk only to prove him wrong. But as politicians use this tendancy to gather political consensus (and oppose the creation of a collective intelligence), the lack of qualitative listening becomes a huge danger for society. One that a culture of active listening could counteract. If each of us – all included – did some honest self-analysis.