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Fuorisalone 2018 at the Lambrate Design District

The Lambrate Design District (rebranded as Lambrate District Design) presents its Fuorisalone 2018 in a press conference. Its dream is to fly high, and to position itself as a new contents hub, active throughout the year. But its commercial tone of the communications, together with a certain degree of vagueness, doesn’t warm hearts nor engages curiosity

What we will see at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2018. Or not.

With a Manifesto, distributed at the press conference for the upcoming Salone del Mobile di Milano (17-22 April), the design world promises to do what has always been doing, but to do it better: networking. It sounds like a non-news. But should this really mean an improvement of already existing synergies, it could certainly become another investment in the positioning of Milan as the engine of Italy, with a global dream.

What happened (and what will happen) in Ventura Lambrate

The news that will change the Fuorisalone 2018 came last October: Ventura Lambrate will cease to exist, the historical curators of the district of experimentation will move somewhere else. Then, an update: the Lambrate Design District will be part of the Fuorisalone and its key event will be a happening dedicated to design for the hospitality business. What really happened in Lambrate and what might happen now.