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MEET in Milan: a new digital humanism

At MEET, the first digital culture international center in Milan, tones are similar to those of a humanities faculty than of a start up. Because the purpose is to design a new digital humanism. Renaissance labs, Leonardo thinking, projects at man’s measure. At the presentation of the first international center for digital culture MEET in Milan, a creature developed by Meet The Media Guru and Fondazione Cariplo, there were talks that were more suited for a humanities faculty than for a start up. But those who think that philosophy, ethics, design, art or politics have nothing to do with the digital world have not understood it. They have an old view on it. They feed a consumer’s perspective rather than a citizen’s one. They are users and will never be co-creators. «Digital is not just technologies, communications or artificial intelligence», saidMaria Grazia Mattei, the creator of the events and debates platformMeet The Media Guru now also director of  the MEET. «Digital is the dna of contemporary culture». A dna that can be genetically modified, an …

Milano Digital Week. An inclusion experiment

The Milano Digital Week (15-18 March) shows a fragmented but connected world. A program of inclusive events will explain how digital technologies are means to design a better life. After design, fashion, food and books, it will now be technology to take Milanese out of theor homes, events hunting in the city. The reason? The first edition of the Milano Digital Week, from 15th through to 18th March (the program can be downloaded here). We have already spoken here about how much Milan is changing well beyond its “hardware” of skyscrapers and signed architectures, as well as of all intiatives to create new networks in the city. And the Milano Digital Week fits perfectly in this path of inclusion and innovation leading to social transformation. As a matter of fact, its aim is to open a fragmented but connected world to citizens, one that is in endless evolution and that has a substantial impact on the life of all of us. Because, we may like it or not, but algorytms and AI systems will govern …

A digital street art project shows the creative side of IoT

The urban regeneration project Deus Ex Fabrica in Schio, Northen Italy, animates a former industrial building with works by digital artists. It’s street art beyond beyond graffiti, but also a means to explain to citizens the non-commercial side of artificial intelligence and internet of things. That can be more engaging, interesting and socially useful than a talking refrigerator.