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How much is a dream view worth? Marco Tabasso on Anotherview

Can you fall in love with a landscape? And how much would you be ready to spend for it? Marco Tabasso, one of the founders of Anotherview and former talent scout of Rossana Orlandi, tells about his digital windows that tell a 24 hours story of special places, why collectors are crazy about them and why design galleries should change radically. Also giving advice to young designers …

A digital street art project shows the creative side of IoT

The urban regeneration project Deus Ex Fabrica in Schio, Northen Italy, animates a former industrial building with works by digital artists. It’s street art beyond beyond graffiti, but also a means to explain to citizens the non-commercial side of artificial intelligence and internet of things. That can be more engaging, interesting and socially useful than a talking refrigerator.