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Achille Castiglioni by Patricia Urquiola. An exhibition about design. And about life

The retrospective celebrating the centenary of the birth of Achille Castiglioni at the Triennale (by Patricia Urquiola and Federica Sala) is a hymn not so much to design but to life. Which is more beautiful if lived with intelligence, lightness and curiosity. This is why the real protagonists of the show are not objects but people. The people that Achille Castiglioni never forgot when he was drawing the world around them.

Homo Faber in Venice: the first major anti-nostalgia exhibition on art crafts in Europe

It is not easy to talk about craftsmanship without giving in to nostalgia. Yet Homo Faber (at the Cini Foundation in Venice until September 30th) manages to do so by staging an exhibition in which the beauty of artifacts amazes less than the contemporary relevance of the craftmanship that brings them to life. Hence Homo Faber becomes the manifesto of a new culture of European know-how. In which technology serves man and not viceversa. And where talent, dexterity and experimentation create a widespread economic and social value. Designed to withstand the arrival of artificial intelligence.

Broken Nature: what to expect from Paola Antonelli’s XXII Triennale

Broken Nature, the XXII Triennale curated by Paola Antonelli, will show how design can regenerate the gap between man and nature. And between people and human values. In Milan, from March 1 through September 1, 2019 There is a quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet that came to my mind yesterday, during the first symposium on Broken Nature, the XXII Triennale curated by the MoMA Senior Curator Paola Antonelli. «Time is out of joint». I came across it again a few days ago on the entrance stairway of the National Gallery of Rome, and for the first time I realized how newsworthy it was today. Because it indicates the rift between what should and could be and what it is, between the natural progression of events and species and the one that is falsified and corrupted by human intrusion. And these are precisely the reflections underlying the curatorial concept of Broken Nature, the exhibition that will occupy the spaces of the Triennale in Milan from 1 March to 1 September 2019. More about the Triennale here A …