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Cose da bocia: a different way to look at kids’ furniture

No slides, swings or puppets. The first collection of kids’ furniture by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa di UdA Cosa da Bocia teaches children to get smart to turn objects in playful opportunities. It will be presented at the Fuorisalone in Milan.

Maybe you love kids’ furniture. The frog shaped chairs, the beds full of dots, the mirrors decorated with Disney characters. Or, if you are more sophisticated, the miniature versions of famous adults’ seats, from the psychedelic Panton chair to the classic Vanity armchair by Poltrona Frau or the transparent Ghost seat by Kartell.

If you love all of this, stop reading. But if you have had enough, maybe the new furniture collection by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa of UdA architetti Cose da Bocia (bocia means Kid in Turin dialect) will open up new horizons for you.

What’s so special about these tables, chairs and beds in metallic tubes, recycled wood, ropes and cork, coupled with fabrics that were purposefully designed by Gruppo di Installazione? Their secret playfulness… Contrary to furniture that is filled up with writings or that openly invites the child to play (like the beds with built-in slides), these pieces provide the children with elements that do not look like fun but that the young mind (focused on playing) immediately perceives as such.

Which kid would not, for instance, immediately hang from that long piece of metal on top of the bed? Or use it to hold a long blanket and turn the whole thing into a “secret” home? This characteristic, alone, is for me already worth the collection. Not only because it creates an emotional attachment between the child and the world that surround him by using playing but also because it teaches subtleness and the necessity to think out of the box in order to enjoy what surrounds you. In a world in which even Lego now only works with strict instructions this is definitely a plus for me. Yet there is more.

Like many other kids’ furniture, also Cose da Bocia’s pieces grow with the children. Yet, unlike everything else, they were designed to also migrate into other rooms. The table, for instance, can turn into a coffee table for the living room by adding a longer central holding piece. And the bed can be higher, the metal tube that’s above it can be taken off… Together with the affordable price (the bed, for instance, will be roughly 700 euros) this characteristic makes the collection definitely interesting for those who want a fluid home landscape, looks for a nice alternative to Ikea but cannot afford to spend a fortune by changing furniture while the family grows. The Cose da Bocia collection will be for sale online and in specific shops from September 2015. It will be presented at the Fuorisalone in Milan in april. More info on that to follow.

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  1. Today from this content i get enormous information about kid’s furniture. It seems to be Italian design furniture which inspired by fairy tale. This storage is easy to organize all of kid’s necessities. While thoughtful design ensures a style fit for any nursery or bedroom.

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