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«Price is a design choice». Marc Sadler on the Sei kitchen for Euromobil

«It is really affordable, you know?» This was the sentence that most people were whispering on the Euromobil Eurocucina stand, in front of the beautiful Sei kitchen by Marc Sadler. Which boosts elegant finishes. And a flush washbasin, with a matt black tap and a wooden slab that runs sideways across the worktop. As well as a high table, connected to the main block, and to be used with stools.

Marc Sadler, how can a kitchen that look like this have a “mid-range” price tag?

«There is a very tight connection between design and price. Because if the design discriminant is cost reduction, it is up to the designer to find solutions to satisfy this requirement without giving in on quality. In this case, we have succeeded by working with cutting-edge machinery and techniques and highly qualified personnel at each stage of the supply chain. But the key issue was choosing laminate as a material with low price but great scenic effect».

Laminate is an unusual choice for a high end product, indeed…

«Laminate is a very popular and it is perceived as an entry level covering material because it is cheap. But it is highly resistant and performing, and available in an infinite number of textures and colors. By contrast, alongside the laminate that guarantees performance and price, we also used more snobby and expensive materials (marble, solid wood, treated steel, Fenix, etc.). It’s the same contrapositions of values that do so well in fashion and that new generations totally get. Like mixing elegant clothes with sneakers … »


In terms of design, what makes the kitchen Sei a seemingly luxurious product?

«The design solutions we have chosen for the kitchen Sei are those that are normally used for high price ranges. I’ll explain. The overall proportions and dimensions for doors and containers are large but boost a minimal thickness of 6 mm. The attention to detail is also very high, like in luxury kitchens. Just look at the quality of the light used in the drawers, the balanced and functional balance between the “professional kitchen” areas and the zones used to welcome guests. Or the guides, which are the best on the market».

Beside the use of laminate, how did the design choices achieved the desired price tag?

«Thanks to a very good relationship between all parts involved in the projects, we were able to adapt and modify processes in each phase to make them fit into the budget. Without prejudice to the achievement of the desired aesthetic and functional result. It sounds easy but it really requires openminded people».

For example?

«I explain with an anecdote. The kitchen provides a curtain that slides from the bottom up and closes the end compartment. It’s not an easy solution to achieve. In the industrialization phase there was a bickering with the technicians who wanted to add two side guides that would have quickly solved the functional problem. Despite my opposition they made a prototype. And everyone, including them, agreed it was horrible. Once convinced, finding a production solution to a design issue became fundamental for them too. And, in the end, they created a sliding mechanism without guides. Which is very elegant, fully functional and at industrial costs».

What makes you particularly happy about this project?

«I would say the result. It is the first kitchen I make with Euromobil and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity and the freedom to intervene with such an important statement. Because I believe with Six we have created a new product iconography that will allow the brand to be perceived as a trend setter and no longer as a follower».

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