Milan Design Week 2018
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Fuorisalone 2018: Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale

More curatorship and less commercial nonsense. It’s the evergreen promise at every design week. But there are reasons to believe that Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale will be events worth seeing at the Fuorisalone 2018. And here they are.

There are good reasons to keep a curious eye onto the new adventure by Ventura Projects. Who, after leaving Lambrate (this is how and why it happened), will focus their Fuorisalone 2018 efforts on Ventura Future (three locations in the Loreto area) and on the second edition of Ventura Centrale, via Ferrante Aporti.

Because  the decision taken by Organisation in Design, the Dutch studio that originated the international Ventura Projects, is not a mere change of location but of mentality. It’s a shift from “show it all” to selection, from the effort to fill in spaces to one of careful singling out what’s worth it, from the concept of district to one of location meant as a space that is able to drive a dialogue with its contents.

There are reasons to expect a good Fuorisalone

It sounds a bit like a return to the original Fuorisalone values, those are – more often than not – on everyone’s lips. But there are good reasons to believe that in this case we are not in front of an empty promise. Because of one hand Ventura Projects has shown the capacity to be able to create something new at the Fuorisalone (as they did in Ventura Lambrate and with many curated Dutch designers exhibition in Tortona before then). And, on the other, their international profile (on top of New York there is now also Ventura Dubai) will not allow them to disattend public expectations. Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future (with its three locations, the FuturDome in via Paisiello 6, the home-museum and last meeting point for futurist artists that Isisuf has already turned into a contemporary arts hotspot, the Loft in via Donatello 36, and the former Pharmacy Faculty in viale Abruzzi 42, that will host universities and students) will certainly be must see at the Fuorisalone 2018.

HH: A Dutch vision on Health and Happiness by Alissa Rees at Ventura Future

The shows

The projects  presented as previews also supports this thinking.

Like HH: A Dutch vision on Health and Happiness (at the FuturDome), curated by 26 years old Alissa Rees.  Alissa raded a training in philosophy for one in design when she found herself forced two years in hospital as a leukemia patient. «I figured out that many small things could truly improve the quality of the patients’ lives», says the young Design Academy Eindhoven graduate. The impossibility to move due to IV Poles, the sadness of hospital meals, the lack of contact with nature: Alissa provided a solution to the difficulties that hospitalized people know all too well. And we will see them all at the FuturDome (including the IV Walk, a rucksack that replaces the IV pole and allows patients move freely, Accenture Innovation award 2017 and just introduced at the CES in Vegas, and the Hospichic kit that contains all that’s necessary to have a spirit-lifting meal in a hospital room).

High tech hints

Also promising is the mix between furniture design and virtual reality provided by Don’t Treat Me Like an Object that will bring to life objects designed by artist Federico Pepe and designer Patricia Urquiola. This will happen in environments created by Proxima Milano (a special effects studio specialized in machine learning). Its purpose, said partner and general manager Andrea Masera, is to add emotions to the experience of human contact with environments and objects. And to do so by creating a sense of belonging and an alternative mechanics of movements in the relationship between people and spaces. On top of the realization of the whole VR Interactive experience, the big challenge will be the design of a neural network that is able to learn from human movements and to decide how to react to the user’s behaviour».

Mingardo, at Ventura Future

The presence of Jelle Mastenbroek at the Loft is also intriguing. The Eindhoven-based designer’s work is focused on providing food for thought on topics of today, such as big data collection and abuse, through sound-filled interactive installations activated like vending machines (through using a coin).

At the former Pharmacy Faculty, the Danish Design School Kolding will present Are You Ready to Play?, an installation in which that will guide the visitor through a space filled with suspended bubbles, to touch, move, manipulate. And each interaction will bring about a change in the atmosphere, surprise and the willingness to carry on playing. Until a climax will be reached and the heat will touch the boiling point…

And high end furniture

But at the FuturDome there will also be room for furniture design projects. Like Mingardo‘s, art directed by Federica Biasi (we spoke with her here), and Editions Milano‘s, that will present a collection of Bauhaus inspired ceiling lamps by Federico Peri. A nice experimental twist will be given by Philipp Aduatz, who will work with 3D printed concrete.

The Diner at Ventura Centrale

Not many details were released about Ventura Centrale, that will host Nitto, Asashi Glass (with a soundscape project), Stephan Hürlemann and horgenglarus, Editamateria with Antonio Aricò, Baars & Bloemhoff, EILEEN FISHER presents DesignWork (curated by Li Edelkoort). While the installation The Diner – inspired to American restaurants, used as a location for talks and late night parties – should be very photogenic: it’s a project by David Rockwell for Surface Magazine. The Benetton think tank Fabrica will also be hosted, with an installation called Paradigma, while artist Franco Mazzuchelli will produce a site specific installation in front of the Shoa memorial.


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