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Alessandro Stabile

talks about Have a Good Tie.

Have a Good Tie was born to help contemporary man rediscover the pleasure of wearing a tie. Have a Good Tie speaks to the man of the new generation, a man for whom the boundaries between working life and free time are blurred and undefined, who does not want to give up elegance but wants it easy because he moves in a world where protocols, rigidity and uniformity have given way to freedom of expression and the enhancement of individuality. For him, Have A Good Tie – a name that not surprisingly plays with assonance with the English “have a good time” – has invented a fashion accessory, featuring a timelsss but at the same time innovative elegance.

Ties by Have a Good Tie  have been redesigned from scratch by Dario Gaudio and Fabrizia Parisi, co-founders of the brand together with me, and we worked through applying an industrial design approach to a fashion accessory. The formal innovation was all about reduction, to bring the object to its aesthetic essentiality. Without soul and lining, the ties of Have a Good Tie are born from a single piece of fabric folded like an origami: a technique made possible thanks to the experience and willingness to experiment with the Italian artisans we work with. The innovation in terms of materials, on the other hand, has led to the selection of a series of fabrics with unique technical and aesthetic characteristics such as machine washability or changeability. The packaging was designed to immediately communicate the characteristics of the product, proposing a contemporary image (the box that could be a ornament, a gift, a message holder, a convenient container case), far away from the universe of traditional male elegance. We have finally structured the brand, with the help of Federico Poccobelli, not to be a trial or self-production, but with the ambition to become a reference in the sector.

ALESSANDRO STABILE, designer. «I try to bring beauty and intelligence into the objects that surround us in everyday life».

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