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Design Orchestra: Lorenzo Palmeri between music and design

It is not easy to talk about the work of Lorenzo Palmeri – architect, designer, musician, author and teacher. The man who got a phone call from Lou Reed who said “I’m in love with your guitar”. An exhibition in Luxembourg now tries to illustrate Palmeri’s multi-disciplinary approach.

Design Orchestra is the title of the personal exhibition on Lorenzo Palmeri, staging at the Galérie Simoncini of Luxembourg from October 19 to November 5 during Design City LX and the Italian Festival). Design Orchestra is curated by Marco Sammicheli. And its title perfectly fits the profile of the 50 years old Milanese designer. Who has always believed – long before it became a mantra – in chorality as a key to design objects that have a meaning first of all anthropological.


Between poetry and industry

Because Lorenzo Palmeri is on the one hand one who designs objects that are more industrial than ever. He created, for instance, the electric towel that is found in almost all Autogrill in Italy. But it is also a designer who can create an exquisitely poetic object to show how the interaction with people can change the quality of domesticity (look at how the lamp Promenade for Valenti Luce works).

Art direction works

But the versatility of Lorenzo Palmeri does not stop there. As a creative director of Stone Italiana, he managed to narrate the company’s values – which produces coating materials – with emotionally involving projects. The one at the last Salone del Mobile, for example, was a game of mirrors and perspective worthy of an interior designer and decorator. While it is typical of the graphic designer and the art director, the work done on the record covers for Arcana, a music label that rediscovers authors included from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century.

Music, projects and harmonies

Lorenzo Palmeri is also a musician who dreams of working on an opera. One who writes music and produces his own albums. To date there are three, and his first, Preparations for the rain, was made in collaboration with Italian music stars Saturnino and Franco Battiato. And it is the man who – after having designed and exhibited a guitar at the Triennale – received a call from Lou Reed’s assistant. Who told him: “he” fell in love with your guitar. He thought it was a joke, but Lou really did materialize in his studio. And he declared, with his deep voice, that the Paraffina Slapster (design Lorenzo Palmeri) seemed drawn on his body. He would never have left it until the end of his days.

Design Orchestra

The exhibition in Luxembourg starts from music as inspiration to tell the work of Lorenzo Palmieri (on this, read also here). To use the words of the curator, Marco Sammicheli, «Design Orchestra is an essay in the form of an exhibition that arranges and connects the talents of the architect, designer, author, lecturer and musician». And it does so by collecting a selection of projects designed by Palmeri, who approach the world of sound: musical instruments (guitars and percussions), special objects and recording projects.

The exhibition in Luxembourg is therefore a unique opportunity to enter the imagination of one of the most prolific but also less media designers in the Italian scene.


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