Milan Design Week 2018
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What to see at the Brera Design District, and why

The question that everyone asks. The suggestions of design@large. What, where and why at the Milan Design Week, area by area. Today, the Brera Design District

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Typecasting, la Pelota, via Palermo 10.

An installation by Robert Stadler for Vitra in which furniture is interpreted for the personalities it represents. An anthropological and narrative look at the house. For more info, read our interview to Robert Stadler for design@large at this link. Info and times.



Foscarini Reverse Room, via Fiori Chiari 28

James Wines is over 80 years old but when you talk to him he does not hesitate for a moment. His desire to look at the world from another point of view – which earned him the title of “radical architect” – is the same as always. Wines, in fact, would reduce a building to an essence and then work on it, observe it from different points of view and turn it into something else (read here a beautiful interview, from ArchDaily). His installation for Foscarini – made with his daughter – presents an upside down world, but also small objects designed to make us think of light in alternative ways. Info and times

Chess, a Konstantin Grcic installation, via Rosales 5

When Konstantin Grcic designs something it is always worth going to see. In this case, in particular, because the German designer has redesigned some office furniture for domestic use, mixing the Fami industrial know-how with that of Magis in the domestic domain.

SEM, Spotti Edizioni Milano, via Maroncelli 3

For those who love beautiful furnishings. Spotti Edizioni, in fact, has called to himself three names able to always realize surprising projects. Like Giacomo Moor (he will present a system played on a pivot, with very fine execution), Marcante-Testa (on them read also here), ed Elisa Ossino, stylist and a great creator of dream-like worlds. Info and times

Never Stop Looking Beyond, Appartamento Lago, via Brera 30

An exhibition on patterns designed by a group of creatives, selected by Italianism. As well as other initiatives. In this article, we explained why this is worth seeing. Info and times

Souvenir Milano, Brera Design Apartment, via Palermo 1

I find the idea of rethinking an object so necessary (and often so badly done and not very long lasting) as a souvenir, I find it very beautiful. The curator of Brera Design Apartment, Raffaella Guidobono, asked 12 designers to create an object that represents the city of Milan (they will be sold in a limited edition at the Brera Design Apartment e online su From 12 to 7:30 pm.

Horah, Spazio Krizia, via Manin 19

Raw Edges’ projects often push people to look at things from a different point of view. For Wonderglass, the London duo worked on the theme of conviviality, using glass, light and sound and playing with the repetition of predefined modules, to investigate how people are closer. Like in the Israeli dance of Horah. From 10 am to 7 pm.

Amulets, EligoStudio, via Palermo 8

A site-specific installation by EligoStudio dedicated to metal. With totemic and macrothalisman sculptures. The purpose is practical: to tell a collection of Fantin metal furniture. Alberto Nespoli and Domenico Rocca, however, never do anything without a passionate research (historical, anthropological and aesthetic). Expecting something beautiful is legal.

68, Cinema Anteo

A great exhibition, curated by Francesca Molteni, on the year that changed the world and also design. Objects, images and films will occupy the public spaces of the Anteo cinema until June 16th. And on April 16, at 8 pm, the film SuperDesign will also be screened. Italian Radical Design 1965-75 by Maria Cristina Didero and Francesca Molteni (director), produced by MUSE.

Hay, Palazzo Clerici, via Clerici 5

Considered cutting edge since 2012 (although they have existed for much longer), Danish brand Hay – who has just made a collaboration with Ikea – is always a must in the Fuorisalone. Its furnishings, colored and often inspired by those of the Danish tradition, are however exquisitely contemporary. In the frame of Palazzo Clerici, then, the wow effect will be assured.

DimoreStudio, via Solferino 11 e 22

For those who love well-kept environments, designed in minute details, decorated with elegance and a bit of effrontery. DimoreStudio are famous throughout the world as representatives of the new interior design design. For the Fuorisalone they are presented in three spaces: with author pieces, with the Progetto Non Finito collection and with the limited editions. These last are assemblage of vintage pieces, revisited. Via Solferino 11 (right and left stairs) and via Solferino 22. Hours: from 11 to 20.

Cover photo: a James Wines architecture


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