Milan Design Week 2018
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Salone Satellite 2018: seen and selected for you

12 projects seen at the Salone Satellite 2018 and discussed with the designers who made them. A personal, totally arbitrary “best of”. Judged only by curiosity

The Salone Satellite 2018 is the pavilion of the Salone del Mobile that shows the work of selected designers Under 35. We visited it for you (you have until Sunday evening to do the same). And we have selected projects that have stimulated our curiosity in some way. Here they are, with the names of the designers and the reason why we liked them.


CUCINA LEGGERA by Stefano Carta Vasconcellos

A kitchen that comes from a wooden slab, cut with a CNC machine by a carpenter to whom the designer has sent the file. It  is delivered flatpack and can be assembled easily assembled. The business model revolves around a platform and is extremely interesting. The idea is to create a network of suppliers in the national territory able to cut wood for the customer. In practice it is a 0 km system, which uses digital technologies to exploit the existing manufacturing capacity. The price of the final product is extremely low. It won the Salone Satellite 2018 Award (the first Italian in history).



A collection of lamps that highlights the electrical structure of the object. It shows how little electricity used to power the LEDs that make up the system. The position of the chandelier arms can be changed as desired.





PLAY HOUSE by Olivia Lee

A collection of furniture that invites children to play analogue games. The designer is already well known, having designed for Hermès after being hand-picked by the Maison after her graduation project at Central St Martin’s.

But Play House was also designed  to be used with parents. In fact, in the digital age, it is not only the youngest ones who remain attached to the screens for most of their time. The distraction of adults towards analogical objects in favor of digital ones is copied by children. Olivia Lee’s collection aims to change the perspective of parents and of children as a consequence.

 SEEK & PEEK by But Yet

A collection of furniture and home accessories designed for true co-habitation with pets. There is the table to accommodate the cat (and where it can also eat with us), the lamp on which it can climb or do its nails … It will be a hit, given the ever-increasing interest in pets. What I liked was  the way the designers carefully avoid that annoying sense of glamor that often exists in products for animals…



A.Z.OU by Chris Basias

Lamps with lampshade in transparent marble, connected by electric wire. Turning the lampshade you get different light effects (it’s a dimmer). They can be placed anywhere on the wall to create different compositions.


AROMA DIFFUSERS by Ryota Yokozeki Studio

The particular treatment of the ceramic makes it able to absorb liquids, retaining the fragrances. The electric “burner”, which can be supplied with a USB cable, is then associated with a disk decorated with perfume. When it comes on, a small fan spreads the aroma. The designers managed to convince an ancient ceramics factory to produce the concept.


These lamps made by this very young Japanese designer are enchanting. But it is only by talking to her that their complexity is captured. Because Keiko makes the washi by hand, spreads it, decorates it with hand-made washi threads and covers it with another sheet. Then she combines them one by one on a structure that can be positioned at will and which contains the light source. A meticulous work of extraordinary precision.





A project full of poetry. The German designer creates vases that reduce the natural distortion of objects immersed in the water they contain by placing the glass flush with one another. The grid on the back allows you to observe the growth of the bulbs.


FORMAT by Antje Pesel

A very simple mirror. The presence of small cuts on the sides, however, allows you to hang them with a visible thread and to change their position on the wall. The thread becomes a decorative element like the object itself. Sober but effective.






PILEUP LIFE by SamTsai & Lawrence Yen

The idea is simple: to give anyone the opportunity to customize their furniture. The way it is proposed is smart. Seats and backrests are detached and the fabric can be changed by removing it. Legs and backs are also interchangeable.

Very nice also the way to tell it: with mini-chairs in cardboard to build and to decorate at the time.





CLARO BOOKSHELF by Miguel Angel Jimenez

A bookshelf that looks like one of many. But thanks to a system of joints, the designer was able to minimize the material, therefore the weight, without losing anything in static resistance. The total weight is 8.5 pounds.

It won the sustainability award sponsored by Banca Intesa at the 2018 Satellite Show.


1.625m/s2 by Hiroto Yoshizoe

Another beautiful project of this Japanese “spacial designer”, designer of space. Known to most people also because last year he won the Lexus Design Award. For this really beautoful lamp, Yoshizoe has divided the surface of the lampshade of a lamp into a myriad of small lampshades. Hanging around a light source, they reflect the light, creating a starry sky effect.














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