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«Why technology needs ethics». In conversation with Luciano Floridi

«The more full of tech the world is, the more it craves for ethics. Because what matters is not figuring out whether or not we must be afraid of robots, but how to manage digital society in a coordinated manner». A conversation with philosopher Luciano Floridi, director of the Digital Ethics Lab at the University of Oxford. Who in ’95 already warned: «The Internet promotes the growth of knowledge while creating forms of unprecedented ignorance».

Evgeny Morozov: «Big Data should be common good. And here is why»

«We think Big Techs want our clicks because they want to flock us with ads. But what they are after is the huge amount of data that is necessary to build AI services». Self-driving cars, systems to manage energy consumption, testing devices to defeat illnesses… According to activist Evgeny Morozov data is like oil: they provide private companies with immense power over States. Reason for which, they should be a “common good”.

A digital street art project shows the creative side of IoT

The urban regeneration project Deus Ex Fabrica in Schio, Northen Italy, animates a former industrial building with works by digital artists. It’s street art beyond beyond graffiti, but also a means to explain to citizens the non-commercial side of artificial intelligence and internet of things. That can be more engaging, interesting and socially useful than a talking refrigerator.