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The brand of organic and sartorial gardening TheGardenEditor


Laura Bianchi is a fashion journalist for D la Repubblica and one of those people who amaze for the intensity of their passions. She is someone who designs and sews all that she wears (and goes as far as breaking down stuffed discarted teddy bears in order to stuff a winter down jacket). She renovated a house by the sea (while bringing back to life a huge agricultural land that had been abandoned for years). And she still found the time to study botany and gardening at the Agricultural School in Monza, where she graduated with honors. THEgardeneditor


From such intense passions Laura Bianchi has now created something that gathers them all, like a jewlry box. A brand, TheGardenEditor, that is still small yet has great ambitions: «to spread the love for green life, and accompany people towards gardening and organic liing». The first step towards this goal is a collection of seeds…

#seedcollection19 : as if seeds were fashion items…

TheGardenEditor: «Fashion has been my world for 25 years and it is normal for me to be inspired by its timing and its way of creating and working. Fashion proceeds with a seasonal rhythm, like nature. And the care I put in gardening is also very similar to that of the artisans and tailors who make the finest garments».

Are we talking about “glamour gardening”?

«I would say, gardening filled with love and patience. My seeds, for instance, are organic: I produced them myself and tested them for two years in my garden in Zoagli, on the Italian coast in Liguria. They are wrapped in a kind of fabric dress that I have sewn by hand. And finally they are placed in paper bags that I fold personally, one by one, decorated with a herbarium design and explanations for seeding».

Why do you use the word “collection”?

«My idea is to add a new kind of flower every year. For 2019 I chose organic marigold seeds and zinnias. In 2020 I also hope to be able to launch a prêt-à-manger, seeds that produce edible flowers and vegetables».

Marigold and zinnias. Why these flowers?

«Because they are easy to plant (in spring) and to manage. They need to be covered with a few millimeters of earth – the rule is a thickness that is three times the size of the seed. They need to be kept constantly moist but not soaked. And that’s all: they do everything. They bloom non-stop throughout the summer and are a beauty. They are also somewhat forgotten flowers. The type you would see in your auntie’s garden or in your grandma’s vegetable patch». TheGardenEditor

Is there a vintage craze even in flowers?

«Somehow. But here are are talking about flowers that once – when people were more connected with nature – were considered useful as well as beautiful because they chase away insects  (and even mosquitos, in the case of marigold). They were therefore also found in vegetable gardens. These are flowers that are not often seen nowadays but that, I am sure, will come back into fashion. And that’s why I chose them».

TheGardenEditor is not just about seeds though. It wishes to promote organic gardening. How?

«If you think of #seedcollection19, I have chosen “easy” seeds to bring people closer to gardening and only then turn it into a challenge. Through TheGardenEditor I will explain what I do in my land, how I turned an abandoned lot into an orchard, how to do vegetable hunts and discover treasures. I will explain the growth of organic vegetables in my greenhouse (an activity that is both hard and very expensive). And my experimentation with cuttings, margots, reproductions of tropical plants. My story is: gardening is a hard and tiring life but also really cool. And TheGardenEditor will fill this universe with the aesthetic sense, care and research that have always been the soul of fashion but that often lacks (especially in Italy) when it comes to green».

How will you communicate TheGardenEditor?

«For now I only have the Instagram account @thegardeneditor. Anyone wishing to buy the sachets, which cost 5 euros each, can email me But I will have a site online in 2019 and it will be my world because I do everything by myself, in my spare time. There will be a small e-shop, lots of images and information. Think of it as a fashion magazine, but with plants and flowers as models».

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