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Formafantasma’s new web site is a communication masterpiece

written by Laura Traldi

The new Formafantasma website does everything that “web experts” say a web site should not do. Yet it has an extraordinary communicative power

In a story that we published on Interni Design Journal, Paolo Casicci explains, and you can almost feel him smiling, how the golder rules of social media communications are for all exept those who can afford not to follow them. The rule breakers are normally people living on planet fashion: just check out the video featuring Jared Leto and Jimmy Chin on @Gucci in which they appear after almost a minute of nothingness.

As soon as I saw Formafantasma new web site the Casicci story came to mind and I thought: cool, now also some designers are brave enough to think for themselves and skip global rules, and that’s excellent news

How to build a web site? Not like this (would say a web designer)

The new site by Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin does in fact everything that web experts say not to do.

It takes up the aesthetics and logic of paper, has very long texts, zero images (you get to those by going to Works, but don’t expect more than a couple of pictures). Hyperlinks are blue, like in the paleological era of the web. In spite of anyone talking about immersive digital experiences, the only thing that the FormaFantasma website allows its audience to do is change the background color. From white to black with one click, and vice versa. End of fun.

Formafantasma’s new web site is Formafantasma

Yet this site is perfect when it comes to doing what it should do: communicating.

It is, in fact, a very rare case of a a digital object that, in an immediate way, says everything about those who conceived it (Formafantasma with Studio Blanco). The explanation of why we find ourselves in such a sober environment is on the site and it is this: in summary, it all comes to limiting the environmental impact of surfing the net through design.

This detail, together with the structure of the site organized like the Index of a degree thesis and the impressive list of names between clients and institutions, explains – much more than any animation or interactive gimmick – what design is for FormaFantasma: a a discipline that puts environmental commitment above everything, based on multidisciplinary research, which knows the rules but unhinges them in search of something that is better. Always.

Brave. And thus great. Because courage is highly needed in times like these.




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